Nebraska Statutes

Nebraska Vehicles Permitted to Use Emergency Vehicle Lights


Authorized emergency vehicle, defined.

Authorized emergency vehicle shall mean such fire department vehicles, police vehicles, rescue vehicles, and ambulances as are publicly owned, such other publicly or privately owned vehicles as are designated by the Director of Motor Vehicles, and such publicly owned military vehicles of the National Guard as are designated by the Adjutant General pursuant to section 55-133.



Flashing or rotating lights; authorized emergency vehicles; colors permitted.

A flashing or rotating red light or red and white light shall be displayed on any authorized emergency vehicle whenever operated in this state. A blue light may also be displayed with such flashing or rotating red light or red and white light. For purposes of this section, an authorized emergency vehicle shall include funeral escort vehicles.



Rotating or flashing amber light; when permitted.

A rotating or flashing amber light or lights shall be displayed on the roof of any motor vehicle being operated by any rural mail carrier outside the corporate limits of any municipality in this state on or near any highway in the process of delivering mail.

A rotating or flashing amber light or lights may be displayed on (1) any vehicle of the Military Department while on any state emergency mission, (2) any motor vehicle being operated by any public utility, vehicle service, or towing service or any publicly or privately owned construction or maintenance vehicle while performing its duties on or near any highway, (3) any motor vehicle being operated by any member of the Civil Air Patrol, (4) any pilot vehicle escorting an overdimensional load, (5) any vehicle while actually engaged in the moving of houses, buildings, or other objects of extraordinary bulk, including unbaled livestock forage as authorized by subdivision (2)(f) of section 60-6,288, (6) any motor vehicle owned by or operated on behalf of a railroad carrier that is stopped to load or unload passengers, or (7) any motor vehicle operated by or for an emergency management worker as defined in section 81-829.39 or a storm spotter as defined in section 81-829.67 who is activated by a local emergency management organization.


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