Back Window LED Strobe Kit

Installs easily on any flat surface of your vehicle.

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The back window kit features our 49" Flexible, Waterproof LED Strip light that is compatible with most major vehicle models. With VHB adhesive, our strip is easily installed and is sure to last in any rugged environment. This is a universal kit that can be applied to any flat surface on your vehicle. This kit is available in 12 color combinations to ensure you get the most visibility available.

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This Kit includes:

One 49" Flexible, Waterproof LED Strip Light in Your Choice of Color

One Waterproof LED Controller

3 Year Full Replacement Warranty


3M Adhesion Promoter Wipe

We here at Firewire are committed to offering our customers a quality product at an affordable price. The back window kit offers you exactly that.

Think about what you see when coming up behind a vehicle on the side of the road, if you notice flashing lights in the taillights (standard affordable lighting) you don't pay a whole lot of attention. However, if you see a flashing light all the way across the roof line of a vehicle you tend to slow down to figure out what's actually going on, it's human nature. The perception of this is related to emergency vehicles (police, fire, rescue and towing). When paired with our under tailgate kit you actually double that effect. This helps with oncoming traffic by having safety lighting in the line of view in cars that sit lower and trucks that sit higher.

This safety light is 49 inches long and designed to go across any surface on the exterior. Installation is a breeze since we use 3M VHB tape for mounting. If your back glass has a slider you can also mount them to the cab or even the plastic above the window. The wires are typically ran in the gap between the glass and the cab. Continue the wire down the back of the cab to the frame rail then up into the engine compartment or to wherever you decide to enter the cab for your switch.

You can feel confident with our three year warranty, that we mean business.