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Firewire Safety Wire Override Controller

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FIREWIRE single pattern strobe controller with a steady burn override. Only works with FIREWIRE Safety Wire. This is a ground strobing controller (flashes the ground wire, not the positive wire). This controller gives you the ability to to have either channel to stay solid while shutting down the opposite channel. Great for scene lighting. 


1 Review

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    Little gadget, big results.

    Posted by Tyler on 7th Jul 2019

    This controller is brilliant. It will turn a 2 color strip into not only a strobe strip as designed, but you can have either color solid burn, or both colors solid burn. Keep in mind, you’ll need 3 switches to accomplish this. 1 switch for strobe power on, 1 switch for color 1 solid burn and 1 switch for color 2 solid burn.